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Conference Reimbursement Scheme

08 May Conference Reimbursement Scheme

Speaker Giving a Talk at Business Meeting. Audience in the conference hall. Business and Entrepreneurship. Copy space on white board.

The Conference Reimbursement Scheme is our way of helping GUMS members attend the conferences that they are interested in. Registration, travel and accommodation for conferences can often be expensive and prevent students from attending. The Reimbursement Scheme involves students applying with a d

escription of their conference, what it entailed and their experience. GUMS will then assess the applications we have received and 5 of the applicants from the round will be supplied with a $250 reimbursement. Successful applicants may be requested to provide photos and a brief summary of their experience to include on our website or in marketing.

There are two rounds for the conference reimbursement – for the first half of the year (January – June) and the second half (July – December). In order to apply, a student would have to attend their conference and send GUMS their application form. At the end of the reimbursement application round, GUMS will e-mail all applicants as to whether they were successful or not. The applications will be de-identified when they are submitted so as to ensure a fair selection process. Please note, this means that you receive a reimbursement after attendance at the conference not before. Please ensure you retain your receipts as these will be required if you are successful in obtaining a bursary.

Keep an eye out for the next round of applications opening soon!

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