GUMS | Membership
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GUMS Membership

From 2015 onwards GUMS is offering two tiers of memberships; GUMS Basic and GUMS Plus.

GUMS Basic Membership

GUMS Basic is a free membership available for sign up on our online store. GUMS Basic members get the following benefits

  • GUMS services such as those provided by advocacy and wellbeing.
  • Periodic discounts on the GUMS store.
  • Access to exclusive offers from our sponsors.
  • Ability to vote in the GUMS election.

GUMS Plus Membership


For $25 a year you can choose to be a GUMS Plus member. GUMS Plus members get the following benefits;

  • Discounted ticket and product prices on the GUMS store.
  • Exclusive GUMS PLUS sales.
  • All GUMS Basic benefits.

GUMS Classic Membership

If you already hold a GUMS membership you bought before 2015 which is still valid, you may be eligible for GUMS Classic.

GUMS Classic is a not for purchase membership tier, it is only offered complementary for 3 years to GUMS membership who purchased their membership before the 2015 calendar year which is still active. GUMS Classic members get the following benefits;

  • Discounted ticket prices.
  • All GUMS Basic benefits.