GUMS | 52 Thoughts I Have While Doing LOs
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52 Thoughts I Have While Doing LOs

17 Sep 52 Thoughts I Have While Doing LOs

AMSA Council 2 Report
  1. Okay, let’s do some LOs!
  2. I’ll even draw them all out and learn them this week!
  3. Let me just quickly make a cup of tea
  4. While the kettle boils, I’ll check my phone for a minute
  5. Wow another beach engagement Instagram post? Revolutionary.
  6. That’s the kettle… gotta make the tea
  7. Let me just finish watching this Instagram story
  8. Ooh who have they tagged?
  9. Omg are they dating?
  10. Ah look here’s their Facebook
  11. I really need to do LO’s
  12. I’ll make some tea and…
  13. Oh, I forgot about the kettle
  14. Right, better boil it again and actually make the tea
  15. Okay I need to put my phone down now
  16. Just put it down, it’s not that hard
  17. Here we go, LO time
  18. I should remember to buy some milk tomorrow
  19. I need to make a grocery list
  20. No not now. LOs first, let’s go
  21. This one is anatomy, I’ll do that later… Maybe……
  22. Alright what does this LO actually mean???
  23. Jeff definitely wrote this
  24. I’ll come back to this one
  25. Surely the case resources will have something useful for this one!
  26. I was wrong.
  27. *Opens UpToDate* Finally useful information
  28. Oh, this article is so long
  29. *Copy* *Paste* Nice.
  30. Wow, I’ve only done 2 LOs so far.
  31. What time is it? Oh, it’s been 2 hours
  32. I wanted to do 7 other things tonight but guess this is it…
  33. What do we have on tomorrow??
  34. The calendar is empty, guess I’ll have to check again in the morning
  35. Wait, where is my tea??
  37. Okay, make it again, sit down, finish LOs- go
  38. *Checks Facebook*
  39. *Checks Instagram*
  40. Why are you like this?
  41. Don’t move until you finish this one.
  42. Wait, I need to pee quickly
  43. Here we go, back to UpToDate
  44. I should also buy some fruit tomorrow
  45. Ooh and ice-cream
  46. FOCUS!
  47. 5 down…… 15 to go!!!???!
  48. And DHC
  49. Wait, that doesn’t count.
  50. Surely no one manages to learn all their LOs
  51. Okay, all done…… except for those 7
  52. Guess I’ll just use Supernotes tomorrow
AMSA Council 2 Report