GUMS | Peer Based Learning (PeerBL)
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Peer Based Learning (PeerBL)

Peer Based Learning (PeerBL) is an unique GUMS initiative that was originally launched in 2018. Every year, dedicated students revise and improve this program to deliver the best possible learning experience for students.
This program allows first and second year students to revise high yield content in a group situation with older year mentors who volunteer their time to teach.

In 2021, Sonya Lee (Gold Coast, Year 1 program), Georgina Burke (Gold Coast, Year 2 program) and Corrina Grima (Sunshine Coast) lead the program. Please get in touch with either of these students, or with GUMS via Facebook, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, threats, innuendos or fake news.

Year 1, Semester 2 (Systems Medicine)

Year 2, Semester 2 (Preparation for Practice)