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19 Jun My Quarantine Podcast Addictions

My days are kind of like the cell cycle; G0 = sleep; G1 = training; S1 = uni; G2 = work; M = study. My checkpoints are driving between these events. Being the good labile tissue that I am, this cycle repeats constantly…maybe I’m just...

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08 May Birtinya in quarantine

Quarantine is a really weird time, made even weirder by living on the already very laidback Sunshine Coast. In the heart of little Birtinya, quarantine feels a lot like living in a dystopian universe from a Pixar movie. The perfectly manicured grass is somehow neat...

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10 Apr What to do with all your Quarantime

Staying at home in your PJs starts to lose its charm a bit as you remember the days spent socialising with friends, going out on the weekend, and even just having the freedom to go anywhere that isn’t the grocery store (a now barren landscape). ...

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