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16 May Bachelor in PBL

Gary Oldman once said, “Reality TV, to me, is the museum of social decay”. While I couldn’t agree more, I have to admit that social decay makes for great TV. From catfights to golden one-liners like “umbrella of ambiguity” or “so much chemistry it’s like...

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04 May Straight Outta Southport

Remember your first comm skills session? The brief was: “Have a conversation”. I didn’t think this would be a problem. I’m generally pretty chatty (sometimes to the grandest of degrees if there’s food involved). But I got into the double mirrored room and had 7 pairs...

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16 Apr I Broke Up With a Boy… Using SPIKES

…and it was the best break up I’ve ever had. I’ve grown up on a steady entertainment diet of Taylor Swift, teen rom-coms and Disney. Dramatic confessions of feelings are all I’ve ever known. My relationships have always been filled with soaring heights or the deepest...

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