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Formative OSCEs

A highlight for many on the GUMS academic calendar are the Formative OSCEs – a series of mock exams, created by students, for students. Hundreds of GUMS members become involved each year either as volunteer examiners, simulated patients or OSCE candidates, to help prepare for this major piece of med school assessment.

In 2018, GUMS are holding Formative OSCEs for Year 3 and Year 4:

  • Year 3 – 2 October
  • Year 4 – 24 July & 11 September

Please note that the School of Medicine is conducting the Year 2 Formative OSCE for 2018, and is not being run by GUMS.


GUMS 2018 Formative OSCE Team

  • Academic Officer – Rhys Harris –
  • Formative OSCE Coordinators – Sanjushree Murali and Sharon Oommen

Please get in contact with the GUMS Academic Team if you have any questions or would like to become involved. Good luck!


Spoiler Alert Ahead!

Formative OSCE stations will be posted on this website after the OSCEs have been held. The stations are sometimes repeated from year to year so be careful before you read too far ahead!

Check back here for OSCE stations after each session has been conducted!

Year 1



  • There is no Year 1 OSCE for 2018


Year 2



  • The Year 2 Formative OSCE was run by the School of Medicine


Year 3



Year 4

July 2018

September 2018