GUMS | 2022 Team
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2022 Team

Welcome to the GUMS 2022 Team!

Executive Team

President – Hamish Hamilton –

Vice Presidents (Gold Coast) – Nick Ooi and Neha Athreya –

Vice President (Sunshine Coast) – Alex Turnbull –

Secretary – Heidi Wagner –

Treasurer – Yovan Rasiah –

Immediate Past President – Janis Fernandes

Clinical Advocacy Officer – Tim McErlane –

Pre-Clinical Advocacy Officer – Josh D’Souza –

AMSA Representative – Alex Wilson –


Portfolio Officers

Academic Officer (GC)Kavya

Academic Officer (SC) – Krystelle Clarey –

Wellbeing Officer (GC)Hiruni Gunasekera

Wellbeing Officer (SC) – Kayla Mackenzie –

Social Officer (GC) – Sasha Patil –

Social Officer (SC) – James Barton –

Social Media & Engagement Officer (GC) – Rohaan Haikerwal

Social Media & Engagement Officer (SC) – Stephanie Lau

Merchandise Officer – Nardin Nader Rizk –

Publications Officer (GC) – Dalyia Abu-Ghazaleh –

Publications Officer (SC) – Simon Ie –

Design Officer – Dilpreet Moti-

Sponsorship Officer (GC) – Ayla Tartic –

Sponsorship Officer (SC) – Nicholas Es’haghi –

Membership Benefits Officer – Hana Nagashima –

IT Officer – Josh Great –



Immediate Past Treasurer – Adam Silbernagel


Convenors, Coordinators and Representatives

Academic Portfolio

Formative Anatomy Coordinators (GC) – Aiah Al-Saig and Laurence Fang

Formative Anatomy Coordinators (SC) – Eddy Xiong

Formative OSCE Coordinators (GC) – Caitlin Rutherford-Heard

Formative OSCE Coordinator (SC) – Courtney Wood

Peer Assisted Clinical Skills Coordinator (GC) – Mitali Khattar

Ward Survival Series Coordinator (GC) – Sufi Sharma

Ward Survival Series Coordinator (SC) – Eddy Xiong

Peer Based Learning Coordinator (GC) – Ryan Quyen Linh Le and Heather McNeil

Peer Based Learning Coordinator (SC) – Sandya Indrajit

Academic Event Officer (GC) – Ryan Quyen Linh Le


Convenors, Coordinators and Representatives (continued)

Wellbeing Portfolio

Gender Equity Officer (GC) – Sufi Sharma

Gender Equity Officer (SC) – Charlotte Rowlands

LGBTQIA+ Officer (GC) – Stanley Du Preez

LGBTQIA+ Officer (SC) – Rachael Cary

Clinical Years Wellbeing Representative – Kenta Arichi


Social Portfolio

Med Ball Convenor (GC) – Amir Abar, Abeeshan Thangavel and Yovan Rasiah

Med Ball Convenor (SC) – Stephanie Lau

Scrub Crawl Convenor (GC) – Ashvathan Loganathan

Scrub Crawl Convenor (SC) – TBA

Disorientation Camp Convenor – Rohaan Haikerwal and Simon Ie

Graduation Committee – Katelyn Steele, Nicole Chen and Brendan Spinks

Social Sport Convenor (GC) – Ashvathan Loganathan

Social Sport Convenor (SC) – Dermot Hegerty

Med Revue Convenors (GC) – Jasmin Somers, Tarren Mapoe

Med Revue Convenors (SC) – Georgia Jackson, Simon Ie, Liz Mattinson and Alessandro Ferraioli

Photographers/Videographers – Dominic Yeow


Advocacy Portfolio

Junior AMSA Rep (GC) – Jasmin Somers

Junior AMSA Rep (SC) – Lachlan McMillan

International Student Representative – Jacqueline Tan

Indigenous Student Representative – Jacob Page and Michelle Fatima

Year 1 Advocacy Rep (GC)TBA

Year 1 Advocacy Rep (SC)TBA

Year 2 Advocacy Rep (GC) – Josh D-Souza

Year 2 Advocacy Rep (SC) – Scott Bethune

Year 3 Advocacy Rep (GC) – Ryan Churchill

Year 3 Advocacy Rep (SC) – Harley Stiebel

Year 4 Advocacy Rep (GC) – Andrew Turner

Year 4 Advocacy Rep (SC) – Tim McErlane

Year 3 Rural Rep – Melanie Hobi

Year 4 Rural Rep  – Kenta Arichi

GCUH Rep – Ryan Churchill

The Tweed Hospital Rep – Tayla Dokonal

Logan Hospital Rep – Andrew Turner

QEII Hospital Representative – Juliette Morzone

SCUH Representative – Harley Stiebel

Wesley Hospital Representative – Neha Vatnani

The following roles will be filled throughout 2022

Academic Portfolio
Academic Subcommittee

Publications  Portfolio
Publications Subcommittee

Social Portfolio
Social Subcommittee

Wellbeing Portfolio
Wellbeing Subcommittee