GUMS | Publications
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Without words, history is silent, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill.
Barbara W Tuchman

Every individual processes the world around them in a unique and exciting way, creating communities with an electric diversity of thought and ideas. These are the foundations upon which science, medicine and art are built. The publications portfolio is an integral part of GUMS and aims to capture and encourage this diversity through our student created publications.

The publications portfolio inspires our medical students to connect with the world around them, express their opinions and explore their creativity. Consequently allowing the creation of relevant, insightful pieces that are enjoyed by an audience both within Griffith University and the wider community.

This year we aim to explore both visual art and written media through the quarterly Murmur magazine and the GUMS Blog. We also aim to establish opportunities for students to become involved with AMSA and creating educational resources. If you would like to be involved with designing, writing or creating visual art within the context of GUMS Publications, please contact Lillian Jurss-McGuckin (