GUMS | Social
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Our Social Committee manages a number of events:

  • First Year Mixer – Friday 19th January
  • GUMS Orientation Camp – Saturday 20th January
  • Scrub Crawl – Friday 2nd March
  • Med Ball – Saturday 5th May
  • Allied Health Soirée
  • GUMS Coffee House (open mic night)

Email if you’d like to get in touch! Contact your social representative for more information on End of Semester PartiesHalf Way Dinner and Graduation Events!

GUMS Social Committee of 2018

Chair: Dilshan Truong
Year 1 Social Representatives: Elva Cheng, Aditiya Boppana, Jenna Fisher
Year 2 Social Representatives: Bree Dow, Kiera Stanmore
Year 3 Liaison: Dilshan Truong
Year 4 Liaison: Roy Teng
Committee Members: Chris Kongas, Sina Adl, Baljot Rhandhawa, Megan Baxter, Ravi Palavinel Murugan