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Daniel Payne Textbook Scholarship


Daniel Payne (1991 – 2015) was a young, passionate medical student who undoubtedly achieved great things and was on the path to achieving more. Many of his ambitions centred around counteracting social injustice. This is seen in the numerous health advocacy programs he was involved in. All his family, close friends and peers knew how passionate Daniel was towards closing gaps in health inequality. In the year 2015, the world of medicine lost a great man with the passing of Daniel Payne. His extensive range of textbooks were donated to GUMS to give to medical students who are experiencing financial hardship, a gesture fitting to Daniel’s cause. In memory, GUMS has established the Daniel Payne Memorial Scholarship, giving an avenue for students to donate their textbooks to those of our peers who are struggling financially.


For: Medical students experiencing financial hardship.

Available to: All medical students studying at Griffith University.

Award: A range of textbooks – varying each year, subject to availability.

Duration: Year of application.

Applications close: TBD.

Scholarship awarded: TBD.


  • Must be a current medical student studying at Griffith University.
  • Must be a current member of Griffith University Medicine Society (GUMS).

Selection Criteria

Successful applicants are selected according to:

  1. Evidence of financial hardship.
  2. Personal ambition – combating social injustice.

All selection criteria and judged in accordance with the answers applicants provide to three questions:

  1. Provide a statement describing your financial situation.
  2. How will receiving these textbooks be of assistance to you?
  3. How do you hope to use your medical degree to help disadvantaged groups?

Applicants are required to apply through their GUMS account, as well as provide their name, student number and email address. However, judges will NOT have access to these details when assessing the answers to the questions. Instead, a system will be set up to de-identify applicants throughout the offer process.

Up to 4 textbooks for each of the following year groups:

  • First year
  • Second year
  • Clinical years.

*Note: the textbooks and number of textbooks awarded are subject to availability. Availability is dependent on the textbooks donated by Daniel and other students.

Year 1

  • Davies, A & Moores, C. 2010. Systems of the Body – The Respiratory System. 2nd ed.
  • Noble, A et al. 2010. Systems of the Body – The Cardiovascular System. 2nd ed.
  • Field, M, Pollock, C & Harris, D. 2010. Systems of the Body – The Renal System. 2nd ed.
  • Talley, N & O’Connor, S. 2014. Clinical Examination, 7th ed.

Year 2

  • Byrne, J & Roberts, J. 2009. From Molecules to Networks – An Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, 2nd ed.
  • Breedlove, S, Watson, N & Rosenzweig, M. 2010. Biological Psychology, 6th ed.
  • Hansen, J. Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards, 4th ed.
  • Kumar, P & Clark, M. 2009. Kumar & Clark’s Clinical Medicine, 7th ed.

Clinical Years (3 & 4)

  • Warrell, D, Cox, T & Firth, J. 2010. Oxford Textbook of Medicine, Volume 1, 5th ed.
  • Warrell, D, Cox, T & Firth, J. 2010. Oxford Textbook of Medicine, Volume 2, 5th ed.
  • Warrell, D, Cox, T & Firth, J. 2010. Oxford Textbook of Medicine, Volume 3, 5th ed.
  • Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary, 8th ed. 2010.

Answers to questions will be judged separately by the current Vice President External of GUMS and Francesco Iannello (or a person(s) appointed/approved by Francesco Iannello). The answers will be judged according to the following point system, question:

  1. 5 points
  2. 5 points
  3. 10 points

Each question will be assessed individually and given a score. A cumulative total of all scores appointed by each judge will be appointed to each applicant. The successful applicant is the applicant who has the highest score within their year group.

Successful applicants will be contacted by the President or a Vice President of GUMS with an offer to accept their scholarship. The applicant will have 10 days to accept/reject the scholarship. Upon acceptance, the Merchandise Officer will arrange a time to pick up the textbooks from the GUMS office at G40.

In the event that a successful applicant does not accept the scholarship, it will be offered to the next most successful applicant within that year group.

In the case of a tie in score between two or more applicants, a third judge (Vice President Internal OR Wellbeing officer) will separately judge the application of those applicants. The application with the subsequent highest score will be the successful application.

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