GUMS | About Us
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About Us

Executive Summary

Griffith University Medicine Society (GUMS) is a not-for-profit incorporated association representing medical students from Griffith University. Our primary purpose is to organise events – both academic and social, provide additional learning opportunities to encourage the study of medicine, connect likeminded students and supply medical education related products.

Mission Statement

The Griffith University Medical Society is a student society that strives to enrich all aspects of the lives of post graduates involved in the study of the science of medicine. We provide academic, social and wellbeing events and encourage students to attend seminars and conferences pertinent to their scientific fields of interest. We aim to support all students through their Doctor of Medicine program and be an enduring positive influence on the doctors of the future.

Vision and Values

Our direction and planning for the future builds upon the experience the organisation has garnered over the years. We aim to revitalise our portfolios, take advantage of our unique market segmentation and be able to exceed the expectation of our members and customers.

We are an ambitious, bold and innovative group of medical students who want to be able to provide incredible experiences and opportunities to our members. We want to encourage success in the field of medicine, supporting students when they need it most.

The generation in our market demands a high quality products and services – including on online platforms. GUMS will be investing in a host of digital and cloud solutions to ensure that we function as productively and efficiently as we can – both internally and front of house.