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28 Jul The Stitches of Final Year

There’s something meditative about suturing. Positioning the first bite, puncturing the tattered skin and fascia, pronating your wrist to feed the needle through. So, whenever the opportunity has arisen in my Emergency Medicine rotation, I’ve taken it. My interrupted sutures have never been so aesthetically pleasing. But,...

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21 Sep My Men’s Mental Health Story

Story 1 One of the biggest challenges I've faced with my mental health is undoubtedly the image of men needing to be stoic. Not only is it reinforced with men, but further reinforced by my culture. It took me many years to realise that bottling up...

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10 Apr What to do with all your Quarantime

Staying at home in your PJs starts to lose its charm a bit as you remember the days spent socialising with friends, going out on the weekend, and even just having the freedom to go anywhere that isn’t the grocery store (a now barren landscape). ...

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14 Mar Summer at Stanthorpe

Nothing is more rural than having your car towed because a kangaroo jumped in front of it. But let’s rewind to the start of my experience. This summer I had the opportunity to do the rural summer observership at Stanthorpe Hospital. To say I was nervous...

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15 Feb ‘This is Going to Hurt’

I hate flying. The cramped economy seating, the strong musty smell of pre-packaged plane food and the incessant crying from babies all throughout the plane (I swear it’s like they take turns) – I hate it all. Stuck on one of these less than pleasant...

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01 Feb Welcome to Year 1!

The idea that a message has the power to make your tummy turn dates back as far as the OG “hey wuu2” of MSN messenger, but truly, even that does not compare to the endorphin rush that the “Congratulations and welcome to medicine” email gives!...

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